Chasing Happiness

What… it’s 8:00 AM… Ohh…I needed to wake up at 6:00 today…shit… I am late…………..

And the rat-race begins….Rat race of acquisition – acquiring more worldly goods, having more money to hoard and to spend. In this race to acquire immense luxury that we tend to forget just how important it is to truly live in and experience each and every moment in it’s simplicity. We crave for for big things, the exciting things so much that we forget to appreciate the little things we already have. We live for the weekends, the holidays, or the vacation we’ve been dreaming for years and not cherishing the days we spend in bed with a pint of ice cream watching our favourite show…

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It’s often a pivotal and life-changing moment that leaves us re-evaluating the important things in life… the things we often otherwise take for granted. You know the ones – our health, our families, our jobs, having a place to live, something to eat, or even the sheer the fact that we opened our eyes to yet another beautiful day of life on this earth this morning.

And while of course it’s great to have goals and things to work towards, I think it’s equally important to remember that each day, hour, minute is cherished… Bring out the marvel of the ordinary life..!!

The days when you are surrounded by your favourite people who make you realise that the world is not a cold and harsh place..

The road trips and bike rides with music in your ears and the wind in your hair…

The glory of colours of sky while watching the sunrise and sunset…

Spend every Sunday in your pajamas.

Stuff your face with cheese curds, ice creams

Sing with your god awful voice

Watch the entire season of Friends in one day.

Dance crazily, party ’til the sun comes up, and kiss all of the wrong people.

Jump out of a plane, or watch the beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Slow down and enjoy life … It is not only the scenery you miss by going too fast… You also miss the sense of where you are going and why…. So, Enjoy every moment of it…!!!