The Waves of The Big Fat Indian Election-2014

The most talked about the big fat Indian election is on its way…!! The quest of electing the best candidate begins from April 7.

More than 814 million eligible voters that is the number larger than the entire population of Europe will be eligible to vote in the world’s biggest democratic activity. Voting will be held in 10 stages which will be staggered until May 12, and results are due to be announced on May 16.

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Here’s a look at the wave of the election opinion polls of three most talked about leaders 2014:

Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party may face challenge as the wave right now is very anti-congress. Many people see Rahul Gandhi as heir apparent of Gandhi family and most of them think he is ill suited for the job of running a country that is trying revive its slowing economic growth and to provide opportunities for prosperity and its burgeoning middle class. They have lost their opportunity over the past few years now as they could have done a lot more…!!

Narendra Modi of the Bhartiya Janata Party has emerged as the favourite in opinion polls, which reflect waning support for Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party that wrested power from the BJP in 2004. For many highly educated workforce, Modi is a welcome alternative to what is seen as an ineffective and corruption tainted Congress Party.  Modi is a skilled public speaker and never fails to mention Gujarat’s success at attracting business jobs to the state. His cultivated public image as a strong, bold politician who talks straight and cuts through bureaucracy appeals to the business community. He is believed to bring the policies that will help foreign investors and foreign companies to invest in India; which could be seen from the development taken place in Gujarat.  There BJP has built its support largely on economic strength and not based on its ideological grounds.

The major but only drawbacks for Modi are the allegation (though he is already declared clean cheat for the same) on him that he  failed to stop or even allowed deadly riots in 2002 may sway his votes; mainly Muslim voters. Modi. The chief minister of Gujarat, will also be challenged by a clutch of regional parties that are vying of power as part of a “third front” opposed to both Congress and BJP

Also, in the race is Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party, which made a stunning debut in Delhi elections last year and is now eyeing a national presence on anti-corruption plank. But his much talked about sides of being a Dark Horse or A Delhi’s Common man evokes lot of doubts on voting on AAP.  AAP is expected to earn lot of mileage but is unlikely to outdo Congress or BJP at national level.