In my journey of motherhood.. I thank you my mom…

In my journey of the motherhood
I think of you mom
In my journey of the motherhood
I thank you mom

With every sock I turn, Sorting laundry
With every toy I gather down, Cleaning house
I appreciate you my mom

With every attempted paperback,
On the couch or on the bed,
On a busy day or lazy weekend
Our son asking questions, Interrupting
Till I answer back

With every “What’s for dinner?”
And the grumbles When I answer
After hours of Brainstorming menus,
Shopping for food, unloading groceries,
Preparing home cooked meals,
I sympathize my mom.

With every hard demand-
“Please ask red tractor to pass again on road”
“Could I eat only Chutney for dinner?”
I ache for my mom
Perched on the edge of my white daybed,
Hands clasped as I tried to answer

With every tough punishment
That leaves our son in tears
And the guilt I feel
For making him cry –
He trust me,
He wants my approval,
He wants me to see him perfect –
I understand my mom

With every laugh at the dinner table
That builds till i can’t stop
And tears stream down my cheeks,
And my jaw and face hurt
From smiling so hard,
I am thankful to my mom who taught me well…!!!


8 thoughts on “In my journey of motherhood.. I thank you my mom…

    • Hi Shiva… I just read the post and I loved reading it… but i think you forgot to select LIKE and COMMENT button from setting page and so I am not able to like it or comment on it as it does not have that tab to press….


    • for that… go to the Posts page, click on edit then scroll down to the end and there you could see two boxes for ‘show likes’ and ‘show sharing buttons’ just click on the boxes and its done… 🙂


    • to add comment tab.. go to settings then click on discussion and then you could select ‘allow people to post comment on your post’ tab just click on it from default article settings and then I would be able to comment on your site…


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