Accepting the Imperfect World

Since our childhood we believe in concept that beauty and goodness is power and a key to happy and successful life, but the world of dark realities is far more pertinent in today’s world than a “happily ever after” saccharine that we have grown up believing in.

It is not necessary that every time we do good things we get the returns as expected. We need to accept the truth about life and its complexities. It does not happen only with us but everyone deals with challenges of their own. Although this earth is full of beauty, there is also darkness that enters in our life once in a while for sure…. if we accept all this we will have fewer disappointments.


It is unfortunate that our society is obsessed with give and take policy so much that when the returns are not fulfilled as per the expectations we feel like the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. The reality is failure is a common place for all of us, but if we fear it or deny it, we lead our self to resentment, anger and loneliness. When we allow this fear to take over we spend lot of our time thinking about the failed dream and the time which is already gone.

Instead if we focus on love, the unconditional love, we then learn to forgive, forget and accept. And once we accept all the imperfections, we realize life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful…!!


4 thoughts on “Accepting the Imperfect World

  1. It’s true what you have written. I feel that sometimes the things that are not conventionally considered as beautiful, tend to have a very appealing quality about them. Very good read, Bela. Life would be simpler if more people looked at things the way you’ve put it.


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