In my journey of motherhood.. I thank you my mom…

In my journey of the motherhood
I think of you mom
In my journey of the motherhood
I thank you mom

With every sock I turn, Sorting laundry
With every toy I gather down, Cleaning house
I appreciate you my mom

With every attempted paperback,
On the couch or on the bed,
On a busy day or lazy weekend
Our son asking questions, Interrupting
Till I answer back

With every “What’s for dinner?”
And the grumbles When I answer
After hours of Brainstorming menus,
Shopping for food, unloading groceries,
Preparing home cooked meals,
I sympathize my mom.

With every hard demand-
“Please ask red tractor to pass again on road”
“Could I eat only Chutney for dinner?”
I ache for my mom
Perched on the edge of my white daybed,
Hands clasped as I tried to answer

With every tough punishment
That leaves our son in tears
And the guilt I feel
For making him cry –
He trust me,
He wants my approval,
He wants me to see him perfect –
I understand my mom

With every laugh at the dinner table
That builds till i can’t stop
And tears stream down my cheeks,
And my jaw and face hurt
From smiling so hard,
I am thankful to my mom who taught me well…!!!

Chasing Happiness

What… it’s 8:00 AM… Ohh…I needed to wake up at 6:00 today…shit… I am late…………..

And the rat-race begins….Rat race of acquisition – acquiring more worldly goods, having more money to hoard and to spend. In this race to acquire immense luxury that we tend to forget just how important it is to truly live in and experience each and every moment in it’s simplicity. We crave for for big things, the exciting things so much that we forget to appreciate the little things we already have. We live for the weekends, the holidays, or the vacation we’ve been dreaming for years and not cherishing the days we spend in bed with a pint of ice cream watching our favourite show…

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It’s often a pivotal and life-changing moment that leaves us re-evaluating the important things in life… the things we often otherwise take for granted. You know the ones – our health, our families, our jobs, having a place to live, something to eat, or even the sheer the fact that we opened our eyes to yet another beautiful day of life on this earth this morning.

And while of course it’s great to have goals and things to work towards, I think it’s equally important to remember that each day, hour, minute is cherished… Bring out the marvel of the ordinary life..!!

The days when you are surrounded by your favourite people who make you realise that the world is not a cold and harsh place..

The road trips and bike rides with music in your ears and the wind in your hair…

The glory of colours of sky while watching the sunrise and sunset…

Spend every Sunday in your pajamas.

Stuff your face with cheese curds, ice creams

Sing with your god awful voice

Watch the entire season of Friends in one day.

Dance crazily, party ’til the sun comes up, and kiss all of the wrong people.

Jump out of a plane, or watch the beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Slow down and enjoy life … It is not only the scenery you miss by going too fast… You also miss the sense of where you are going and why…. So, Enjoy every moment of it…!!!

The Waves of The Big Fat Indian Election-2014

The most talked about the big fat Indian election is on its way…!! The quest of electing the best candidate begins from April 7.

More than 814 million eligible voters that is the number larger than the entire population of Europe will be eligible to vote in the world’s biggest democratic activity. Voting will be held in 10 stages which will be staggered until May 12, and results are due to be announced on May 16.

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Here’s a look at the wave of the election opinion polls of three most talked about leaders 2014:

Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party may face challenge as the wave right now is very anti-congress. Many people see Rahul Gandhi as heir apparent of Gandhi family and most of them think he is ill suited for the job of running a country that is trying revive its slowing economic growth and to provide opportunities for prosperity and its burgeoning middle class. They have lost their opportunity over the past few years now as they could have done a lot more…!!

Narendra Modi of the Bhartiya Janata Party has emerged as the favourite in opinion polls, which reflect waning support for Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party that wrested power from the BJP in 2004. For many highly educated workforce, Modi is a welcome alternative to what is seen as an ineffective and corruption tainted Congress Party.  Modi is a skilled public speaker and never fails to mention Gujarat’s success at attracting business jobs to the state. His cultivated public image as a strong, bold politician who talks straight and cuts through bureaucracy appeals to the business community. He is believed to bring the policies that will help foreign investors and foreign companies to invest in India; which could be seen from the development taken place in Gujarat.  There BJP has built its support largely on economic strength and not based on its ideological grounds.

The major but only drawbacks for Modi are the allegation (though he is already declared clean cheat for the same) on him that he  failed to stop or even allowed deadly riots in 2002 may sway his votes; mainly Muslim voters. Modi. The chief minister of Gujarat, will also be challenged by a clutch of regional parties that are vying of power as part of a “third front” opposed to both Congress and BJP

Also, in the race is Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party, which made a stunning debut in Delhi elections last year and is now eyeing a national presence on anti-corruption plank. But his much talked about sides of being a Dark Horse or A Delhi’s Common man evokes lot of doubts on voting on AAP.  AAP is expected to earn lot of mileage but is unlikely to outdo Congress or BJP at national level.


I won the Sunshine Award for my Blog


Thanks a lot Russel for nominating me for the Sunshine Award”. I am really honored and promise to do my best with my blog in future to live up to this appreciation.

Russel, himself runs an exceptional blog known as “Cinesolace” on Movie reviews. His multiple-award winning blog consists of Hollywood and Bollywood movie reviews and other interesting stuff. His posts are not only informative but also entertaining. I’m sure you’ll would enjoy his blog as much as I do. Do check it out and follow it at

Below are My Nominees for this Award  (Movie Reviews) (Business/Corporate Information) (Fashion Trends) (Blog Reading) (Spiritual Reading)

Those whose blogs I might have missed out from listing over here; I implore your forgiveness. No hard feelings. I just nominated those whom I managed to remember of the top of my head. Next time, I’ll make it a point to include those names I may have skipped over here.

To those whom I’ve nominated, please accept this award as a token of the immense joy, satisfaction, and appreciation I get from following your blogs and reading your different posts. Your blogs are truly eloquent, informative, and succeed in making a connection with your readers. The other useful blogs your posts have directed me towards is another added incentive.

9 Awful Facts you realize, after starting Gym

  1. Each Minute has 60 seconds, and each second takes long time to finish.

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2.The only interesting thing in the gym is TV.

3.You hate the smell and the feel and everything about sweat.

4.You look awful in gym clothes.

5.You start getting attracted to stupid TV-marketing ads with same results but less sufferings.

6.Nothing in the world could convince you to shower more than once a day.

7.You may not realize but you look like this when you look at that sexy lady at gym.

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8.Nothing in the world is as good as your bed.

9.Finally you start thinking; you look great as you are..!!

8 things foreigners mustn’t ask Indians

1.How come your English is so good..?

I’m from the country with the second largest English speaking population in the world.

2.Do you know cricket…?

APOLOGIZE…!! TAKE IT BACK… It’s a Religion, and all Indians follow that..!!

3. Do people in India really sing and dance all time like in Bollywood movies..??

Totally..!! Just like people in America constantly get attacked by aliens and mythical creatures like werewolves and vampires  and then saved by league of superheroes.

4.Why would anyone get an Arranged Marriage..?

Because it’s just the original OkCupid… (Anything’s easier than online, blind, etc kind of dating…)

5.We should stop outsourcing to India

If you did that… who will do your math homework (tech support)?

6. Would you be able to drive in our country?

I drive daily where once you past the spitting, you face the cars that don’t give a damn about pedestrians, people bumping in to you and not caring, old ladies cutting you off in line because they don’t care so driving a vehicle here is a challenge..!! If I could drive here I could drive anywhere..!!

7. You don’t look Asian

India is in South Asia… and South Asians are Asians too..!! (Not all Asians are Chinese..!!)

8.India is basically like Slumdog Millionare right..?


Being fake is the new trend

Have you ever met or do personally know someone who knows absolutely everything about everything, inclusive of the non-existent…?? These people are the Super Heroes of this world, who has never gone through any kind of problem or failures in their entire life. They constantly smile when they meet you; I know “smile” usually elicit a warm calming response in human being, but this people carry it all the time..!! This smile is plastered to present an “everything is awesome, this is great, as long as I keep smiling you can’t say anything” kind of attitude. This people are the first to (while keeping that plastered smile) remind you of your place in the world.


They always give compliments when they meet you… but these compliments are back ended with other compliments too..!!

“Oh my God, I love your apartment! It’s so little and cute..!!

“This food is so delicious! Did your mother in law cook it..??

“This dress is so nice! So much flattering in the stomach area..!!

That’s the fake people are there for… to tell you that, no matter how well you are doing, you could still be doing better.. I think the significant marker of a fake person has to be their uncanny abilities to make you feel like an utter looser in their presence. Whether it’s the constant guarding of their actual feelings, the tendency to make snide comments about everyone around them or the general “OMG, you are totally my best friend” smile they give to each new person they encounter. It’s a recipe for self-esteem disaster.

There’s nothing worse than hanging out with someone with whom you’re never sure of where you stand, and frankly aren’t even sure they consider you a friend in return. That’s the thing about fake people; you can never tell how much their relationships are based on actual, mutual interest and respect, versus how much is just for appearances or social climbing. May be they’re or maybe you’re just for networking purpose. When you go home at the end of the day, you should feel like the interaction you had with people were genuine, and that the emotional investment you make with friends or even friendly acquaintances is something worth making.

If we let ourselves get caught up in the game of “let’s all be nice and smile and compliment, and then be terrible behind each other’s backs,” pretty soon, we’re going to be fake people ourselves. Instead share your weakness, share your hard moments and share your real side. It will either scare away every fake person in your real life or it will inspire them to finally let go that mirage called “Perfection”. Because after all; the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.